From Dot To Line To Mass: An Intuitive Approach to Animation in Procreate

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Do you love Animation, but find yourself too intimidated to start it yourself? Join me in this class for a super dooper easy introduction to 2D Animation in Procreate!

Dive into the world of moving pictures and learn some simple and easy steps to get started.
This fun and intuitive class will guide you into the topic slowly and without throwing bouncing balls or walk cycles at you.

The lessons will walk you through:

Setting up Procreate for Animation
Understanding Frames, Timing and Rhythm
Short Exercises to get Drawings moving (3-10 Minutes each)
Tips and Tricks for Animation
In addition to knowledge and wisdom you can also download all my Procreate files to look at and/or work in. This way you get a deeper insight in how animations are set up, and will be able to partake in the process in your own time.
I hope to break down these walls of inhibition to get started and make the whole topic less intimidating and more approachable! With these tools in hand you will be able to create your first animations which can spice up illustrations, videos or be works of art in themselves.