Drawing without Fear: Overcoming the Blank Page

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This class is about finding ways to draw when you are feeling stuck.
The blank page can be overwhelming, and I want to help you through that.
If you are an artist of any experience level, and you have ever had an artists block, maybe this can help you out!

With a bunch of exercises and ideas that I collected with the help of fellow artists, you can fill some white empty pages or digital canvases alongside me.
The goal of this class is not to make pretty drawings, the goal is to find a way to get started. And as they say: you have to get all the bad drawings out, so the good ones can flow!

You can use any tools you like, be it traditional or digital, or decide along the way if any of my chosen tools might be the right thing for you or not.
I am going to demonstrate my first-hand-experiences with the techniques and ideas, so don’t be shy to follow along as I struggle through the pages!

Things you might need:

Sketchbook / Paper an/or digital canvas (in Procreate, Photoshop, ClipStudio or whatever program you prefer)
Drawing utensils like colored pencils, pens as well as watercolors, markers or whatever you like